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Substance Abuse in Alaska

For all ages across the board, it is believed that Alaska is home to one of the highest rates of alcoholism per capita because the alcohol consumption rate is above the national average. The prevalence of alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence in Alaska is actually twice the national average at 14 percent against seven percent, according to the DHSS. Substance abuse is definitely becoming a serious problem in the state of Alaska, one that is completely capable of being remedied if more people with substance abuse issues start reaching out for help and guidance. There are Alaska treatment centers to treat a wide variety of different substance abuse problems. It does not matter what type of substance abuse problem you are struggling with; there is an Alaska substance abuse treatment center solution out there that is going to be capable of meeting your needs and undoing the damage of your problem.

The entire state of Alaska is working hard to bring the substance abuse statistics down. Community-based grant programs coupled with aggressive, integrated and targeted services are being implemented to bring more substance abuse recovery options to the state. Now the only detail missing is whether or not you will take advantage of this aid that the state is providing to you in order to overcome the substance abuse problem that you are dealing with.


Substance Abuse Statistics

Alaska is both considered to be a transfer point and a consumer when it comes to substance abuse and controlled substances. Because of Alaskaís unique location, the substance abuse issues that are experienced in this state are also quite distinct as compared to the remainder of the nation. Cocaine distribution and methamphetamine production are on the rise in the state of Alaska. There is also a serious threat to be found in the form of crack cocaine addiction in the state. Heroin, on the other hand, is only accessible on a limited basis in Alaska. Club drugs are also not yet widely available, including ecstasy or MDMA for example. The most widespread drug that is used illicitly in Alaska is marijuana. The possession of marijuana was not always illegal, but it has been recently re-criminalized in 2006 because its possession was becoming increasingly common.

Substance abuse issues in Alaska are also unique in that there is a huge pharmaceutical drug abuse problem in the state. Prescription drugs are abused more widely in Alaska, especially when it comes to teenagers and other younger substance abusers. Some of the most commonly trafficked prescription drugs in the state of Alaska include Oxycontin and other Oxycodone drugs, Vicodin and other Hydrocodone drugs and anabolic steroid drugs.

Detox and Withdrawal

Substance abuse is one of the hardest things to break away from once it gets into your system. For most addicts, it is impossible to just put down that needle, the pill container or the bottle of alcohol. You have probably had more than one failure if you have been trying to quit using whatever your poison of choice is. It is just a fact of life when you are trying to break a harmful habit.

The problem with addictions is that you get your body used to a certain substance and, eventually, it will start to crave more of this substance because of the tolerance your body has built up to it. Now, the more that your body craves the substance; you will become helpless in putting a stop to the vicious cycle. When you donít give your body what it wants, there are typically a wide variety of withdrawal symptoms that you may experience. Needless to say, most of these symptoms will be, at the least, very uncomfortable. Even worse, there are some withdrawal symptoms that can actually kill you. This is dependent on what substance youíre abusing.

When your addiction is that serious, you can only overcome it through the help of professionals that are trained to deal with addicts and help them in recovering. There are two main steps to each substance abuse recovery program. The first step is the detox or detoxification of your system. This, often, unpleasant process removes the substance from your system and takes away the physical grip it holds you in. You will most likely experience symptoms of withdrawal during this step. It is for this reason that you should be in a medical facility instead of by yourself. When you have medical professionals close by, your detox will go much more smoothly. They can help you with the discomfort and pain that these symptoms can produce.

The second step involved in conquering substance abuse is the recovery phase. This is the rehabilitation that will help you fight the urge to return to your former habit. In this step, you will concentrate on mental, psychological and emotional aspects of the addiction. Things such as the development of poor habits and unwise life choices as well as anxiety and depression may have started you on the path of self-medication. Addressing these root causes for your addiction can go a long way to ensuring your recovery. Both detox and recovery are vitally essential processes when you are attempting to overcome your addiction. You cannot go through one without the other and expect for your recovery to last. Instead, you must go through both detox and rehabilitation, you must build healthy habits and make healthy lifestyle choices to reinforce the physical changes.


Treating Substance Abuse

There are Alaska treatment centers to meet a wide variety of different needs. One of the most important things for you to understand about recovering from a substance abuse problem is that there is no single one size fits all solution that is going to work for everyone. One single Alaska treatment center is not going to be capable of meeting the needs of every substance abuse victim in the state. Instead, what it takes is some willingness to shop around and consider the options available to you so that you can find a viable solution for your distinct and individual recovery needs.

Make sure to consider as many different Alaska treatment centers as you can when choosing a recovery option. Make a list of the Alaska treatment facilities that specialize in the type of substance that you are abusing as your first order of business. Next you are going to want to narrow down the treatment programs in Alaska based on if you are looking for an inpatient program, an outpatient program or a long term residential program. If you are not sure which type of program is going to meet your needs in the most effective way, speak to a specialist or a substance abuse counselor for some advice and feedback.

Narrow down your list of Alaska treatment centers further by visiting each center and getting to know exactly what they offer. You need to choose treatment facilities in Alaska that offer the amenities and the comfort level that you need in order to truly overcome your addiction and substance abuse problem once and for all. All Alaska drug treatment centers are unique, so make sure that you choose the best possible solution to meet your distinct needs rather than settling on the first drug treatment center that you find. A little bit of research and planning can really benefit you when it comes to choosing the right recovery solutions to meet your individual substance abuse needs.


Alaska Substance Abuse Treatment Opportunities

In the state, approximately 83 percent of all Alaska treatment centers are private, for-profit treatment centers. An additional five percent are private, not-for-profit treatment centers. Seven percent of Alaska treatment centers are run by the state government, and five percent are run by the federal government. In Alaska there are also treatment centers that are run by Veterans Affairs, which make up two percent of all Alaska treatment centers. Different treatment centers in Alaska are going to offer different types of solutions for your substance abuse problem. Some are very specific about who they cater to and what types of recovery they offer, while others are more general. Whether you are looking for a short-term, outpatient program to help with your alcoholism or a long-term residential program to help with a heroin addiction, the right treatment center solution is available for you in Alaska.

There are plenty of options out there for you to consider if you are thinking about finally fighting back against your substance abuse problem. If you are looking for treatment centers in Alaska, there are definitely a number of opportunities for you to consider. One of the best things that you can do for yourself right now is to find treatment programs in Alaska that are going to meet your unique needs. There is no single one size fits all solution to recovery from substance abuse, but by finding a program tailored to meet the specific needs that you have, you can get the help that you need. Call a treatment facility in Alaska today to start getting help for what ails you.

Call 1-888-565-6401 for addiction help and recovery assistance in Alaska 24 hours a day.

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